Natural Sovereignty Matters - The World is a Stage & Leads by Political Theatre.

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

We have to remind ourselves of why we are here.

Your only guarantee in life is your death. Life is so precious, it cannot be wasted, there is no do overs with time, you cannot erase or ignore the natural flow of life. Our Purpose as human beings is to maintain and manage our earthly lives.

We embody the spirit of God. We carry within us a reflection of the cosmos, as above so below. The I in us is the divine spirit we carry within ourselves. It cant be quantified, it cant be proven through documents endorsed by others who are no better or less than ourselves. Titles cannot ordain validity in the discussion of God. The land of America is the land of the free, corrupted by invaders who birthed the nation at the gate of hell. The constitution is a peace treaty that grants us declaration of our freedom to live in this nation and take part of society. We continue to fine tune it with amendments for greater inclusion to uphold the principles of universal laws. God given rights that cannot be stripped away. They cohort you to say you can choose to give your rights away but yet they cant take them from you. They need your consent, they need your permission. They acknowledge karma and uphold it for otherwise their deception is destroyed and light consumes the dark. Good always prevails. God always wins, its ignorance to try to think otherwise. Life is always going to be up and down, you are always going to change and grow if you value yourself and your time. Its always going to feel good to escape and be free than to continue having Stockholm syndrome. Get that dream of yours by pursuing it. Be obsessed with your self progress and turn off the distractions. Whatever fits will slide in place as you continue to keep going on your path and youre going to enjoy those things along the way because they dont conflict what youre doing and where youre going. To think otherwise is to join the rat race and become another cog in the machine, a brick in the wall, doing as your told to be fed off of so other people can live their dreams. Your life is going to be based off the principles of a machine, an artificial concept of service disqused as a disservice.

This is the chance out of 400 years of prophetic slavery to be free again on a whole new level. We can dictate the way we are going to live the rest of our lives at this turning point. Even if you’ve participated in the charade of death by tyranny, the window is still open for all. Stand up for yourself, your mind and will is your only hope to enter this new age.

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