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Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Biometric Health Passports And The Panopticon



This is about biometric data and using nanotechnology for blockchain for their smart city plans. mrna is the new technological certificate for them to own your physical body. the birth certificates have become obsolete in value because they're tied to fiat currency which is collapsing for the digital dollar system. We are all publicly traded on the stock market once you get the first certificate of ownership which is your birth certificate, that's why you are claimed by your parents on your birth certificate. people aren't actually required to have birth certificates, its only to partake in the system.

Otherwise we are all natural persons and can use natural law to refuse consent because we are godly beings, we own our mind and our choices, we have laws of the land that supersede corporations. look up admiral and maritime law, you are more than your name and what you are taught, you are infinite. fear is so illusionary you can look back to everything in the past that you suffered through and realize where you are now means you always get through everything. the scale of how bad things get are dependent upon your mindset of how much power and control you think you have in your capabilities to see through the box they try to enclose your mind in. they're trying to through black paint over the window of your soul to think you are stuck in predicaments in life that cannot be worked around without their compliance.

I look back at all the consumerism wasteful experiences i partook that has devalued my person and credit value that could have been used to invest in my person to create my own compound interest and better my life to not feel my hand forced to choose a side during this experiment. This is why the wealthy are stakeholders who don't get effected by these restrictions because they're not at the bottom like we are in the social / financial structure. They benefit from the system because they are following orders from the 13 families corrupting the world who serve a different god, one that's always trying to corrupt. their philosophy is order out of chaos, perversion, war, fear, control, manipulation and death. They don't have souls, they don't vibrate on love, truth, honor, community, legacy, integrity, nobility.

This is the way they want to own and monetize us in the 4th industrial revolution. merge man with tech. moderna calls mrna "software" on their website. your body becomes incorporated by the shot and you are a branded big pharma being. They they legally have jurisdiction over you, to take and claim you, lock you up, relocate you, and who knows what else. Your biometrics taken from the nanoparticle system will be a part of a blockchain system backed by a digital dollar, passports, identification, entry to participate in being able to eat, work, buy and sell. They will be utilizing this new collected data you consented to by taking the shot. they will know where you went by checking in with your id, where you eat, what you buy, what you sell, where you work, how long you work, your medical records. All of this will be publicly available for infrastructure system data entry employees to view. imagine the immense level of how this information can be used to control people and restrict levels of freedom if you disobey whatever rules they decide to implement at any moment. think about how out of the blue these vaccine mandates are and how fast they can change their mind on your freedoms.

This is the chance to recoil and declare a new collective society to start building that suits one nation under the absolute god of all creation, not their demonic god they worship in secret societies. if you consent to this then that's what you consent to when taking the shot. you are agreeing to be a blockchain slave trapped in the new digital rat race. you will need to booster or upgrade your new operating system every 3 to 6 months, like our devices and apps do. You will continue to get sick and be told to stay home because the flu is hiding under covid and this is the science people accept when they consent to the shot and they think this system is going away. Even though the corporal government has created committees to keep this show going as long as people keep subscribing to it. you wont need to worry about expense because they're all owned by your employer who is a tentacle of the main beast owning everything else. you will rent everything and you will own nothing because they will keep you poor and stuck at home. majority of the world has woken up to this but the revolution wont be televised until the scrawny legs of propaganda can bear no more of its unsustainable weight and the system collapses.

They will push us until the structure is collapsed and it will collapse, there is no point trying to cling to the ankle of what we knew as normal society with this shot being the miracle of the antichrist. No I'm not religious, I've pretty much understood the references to tie this all together 1 1/2 years later.

I'm fully resolved to stand with the resistance. stand strong till 2025. stop spending, start investing in yourself, start your businesses, get your houses in order, get your ducks in a row, do not wait. This is going to be a long transition, some minds will be stuck in 2020 by 2025 and will be stuck in 2020 for the rest of their lives if they don't resist. These next few years will be the pivotal point for our future.

We are in a phase of trading reality. This is the "second coming of Christ" this is the chance to shift in the reality we want by our actions. You have to build independence from the system and hold out until everything is set in place.

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