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I came across this youtube channel about a week ago and his content has helped me drastically to keep going. I started to feel a sense of floating and not being grounded in the shifts and rapid changes occurring as summer has fleeted and as people are drawn closer back to the scheduled programming of the matrix, we are being reminded of the pressure being applied to our day to day lives of what is happening in this reality.

Unfortunately for me, I didn't get a chance to have a fun filled exciting summer. People seem to conceptualize a concept of summer for you to go have, rather than to have you participate in one with them. We live in this weird "get away from me, I don't want any responsibility, compassion or sense of effort" culture that is anti-collectivist / bond building and very self centered and individualistic ego based gratification approach to life.

This summer hasn't blinded me in any bliss because I saw the reality of we live in a society that has become very individualized and egotistical. We are headed to a world where everyone is ego based on their own personal fulfillment and no genuine bonding. Eventually everyone lives in their own space because we thrive on competition, combative nature and thinking of how things should be instead of acknowledging what how they are.

Socialism has restructured the standards of our social beingness to pull apart and be cold, untrusting, anxious, submissive, beta, combative, argumentative and competitive. We all have a values in life that stem from within us and its important in all aspects , we live in alignment to who we are, what we value and what we really want out of this life.

Time is an illusionary concept. I've often heard, 'if you say it takes 3 hours to get something done, it will take 3 hours. if you say it takes 3 days, it will take you 3 days'. Time is what you make of it through awareness of knowing yourself and mastering your capabilities.

In conclusion, to tie this into the video, I theorize the chosen ones who never fit in because they don't go along with the program because they see greater things and the ability to have choices. The chosen ones stay true to their values and are authentic people because every move makes sense to their core being and are being deceptive. The chosen ones are often entrepreneurs and practice something that fulfills them outside of the system. It is the chosen ones who's full time business is fully built upon a foundation of their core values of living and thus they are living in full alignment.

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