I am the living life force within a woman, the embodiment of a spiritual soul that animates the flesh, the one with the highest rank. I may be referred to as  Alexandra, Alex or that which I accept. I am spiritual artisan creating 3D model renders, digital art, painting and sculpting. I  am elevated from Babylon NYC through my highest will of creation and meditation. Through earliest memorable youth, it seemed the ultimate dream to cultivate this for a living was unattainable.

I used to think life was about following orders, doing what you're told, and going a long to get a long was the key to life but it is merely the chains of life. Many tried to diminish my power and abilities and I got caught up in chasing college, employment and separation through the rat race of climbing the infinite ladder of career growth. Fast-forward to 2014, I started my "higher education" at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division and obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Game Art & Design in Fall of 2018. After my studies, I took shortly over a year to experience life after institutional education to find myself and my purpose.


In 2020, I began my complete devotion to self discovery to remember what I was passionate about and what would be my purpose after experiencing a new found freedom of realization knowing I am.


 We are all living expressions of the source of creation, the universal, natural lawful absolute. 


I am here today to live out my purpose of creating, expressing  and cultivating my will. Of making a living as a spiritual based artisan.  producing work that speaks to my soul and inspiring others to chase their passion, purpose and manifest their dreams.