Mission Statement

Hello, my name is Alexandra Gagliano, I am primarily a 3D environment Artist living in the concrete jungle of New York City. Through my passion of drawing since beginning grade school as a kid, I couldn’t shake my passion for art. In Addition to growing up having a mother who was a huge gamer, I could recall watching commercials of schools promoting education on game development and jobs for being game testers on television as teenager. It seemed like the ultimate dream job that was unattainable. Fast-forward to 2014, I started my education at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division and obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Game Art & Design in Fall of 2018.


I am here today to bring a new wave of gaming experiences to the industry. Video games can be enjoyable for everyone, it is a matter of how the method is executed and delivered to the masses. My work consists of visually appealing graphics that will immerse players in beautiful environments. The Mechanical Experience will allow to customize their own experiences in certain aspects, bending restrictions. The story lines will drag the player into connecting to characters and placing them in the shoes to feel as characters would feel to create gripping emotions.


  • 3D Environment Art

  • Game Prototypes for future completion

  • Drawings & Concept Art

  • Animations

  • Cinematics

  • Texture Art

Developer Q & A

What things do you wish you’d known before starting in the industry?

I wish I had known to do more research of the companies and joined online forums and communities to gain insight over the year in school of how the industry has progressed and what problems to be aware of and avoid. I’ve been practicing, researching and looking into popular game titles as research to see what is going well and what isn’t. This has helped me craft ideas for games that won’t be a flop.

How would you make the games you’re playing better?

If there was one thing I would change in multiplayer games to make them better, it would be to bring back customization of rules in competitive games. Super Smash Brothers did this well because player can adjust the rules to make winning more of a challenge for everyone. If I were to change something about open world games, I would add mini games for the player to be able to enjoy once the game no longer has achievable goals. Bully did this really well because there are side missions that would always appear in the game that the player can do once the story of the game is over.

What’s the best game of all time and why?

The Evil Within 2 was a really great game for many reasons. It was not only a psychological scary experience for the character in game, the artists visually made it psychologically scary to players with visual effects to deceive the player as well. I enjoy when developers sink the player into the game for a vivid and immersive experience. The story also was a very emotional struggle for the character that would leave you feeling wanting to go through the adventure.

What would you offer to a game development team?

I would bring to the team my diverse skill set of art and design to make players engaged wanting to keep playing. I have mastered skill of pipeline production and I can properly convey direction of where the visual aesthetics should go in production to relate to the game’s theme and feel the players are supposed to experience.

What do you do on your own time to extend your skills?

In my spare time, I write out my own personal pipeline of skills I need to pick up and improve on. I exercise them by working on short playable interfaces. Aside from that, I enjoy creating game proposals that I see would be fit in the market right now.