I am the living life force within a woman, the embodiment of a spiritual soul that animates the flesh, the one with the highest rank. Thought I am not the flesh, I possess it in private capacity as my temple that houses me to live.


My name is  Alexandra-Adelina, born May 10, 1995 on the Island commonly referred to as Manhattan in the Republic of New York. I am Spiritual-Artisan creating 3D model renders, digital art, paintings, candles and incense. I elevate each sun rise to stray from Babylon's wickedness and Caesar's palace through my highest will of creation and meditation. Through earliest memorable youth, it seemed the ultimate dream to cultivate this for a living was unattainable.

I used to think life was about following orders, doing what you're told, and going a long to get a long was the key to life but it is merely the chains of life. Many tried to diminish my power and abilities and I got caught up in chasing college, employment and separation through the rat race of climbing the infinite ladder of career growth. Fast-forward to 2014, I started my "higher education" at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division and obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Game Art & Design in Fall of 2018. After my studies, I took shortly over a year to experience life after institutional education to find myself and my purpose.


In 2020, I began my complete devotion to self discovery to remember what I was passionate about and what would be my purpose after experiencing a new found freedom of realization knowing I am.


 We are all living expressions of the source of creation, the universal, natural lawful absolute. 


I am here today to live out my purpose of creating, expressing  and cultivating my will. Of making a living as a Spiritual-Artisan. Creating that which speaks to my soul and inspiring others to chase their passion, purpose and manifest their dreams. 





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This website was initially created for my art portfolio but expanded it to be something bigger that will serve as a benefit to the world and fulfill my ability to connect with others.

I wasn't until I was terminated from my employment in the corporate world in December 2021 that this website was going to be transformed, I needed to act quickly and build something that cannot be taken by others who are lost and easily blinded to ruin livelihoods. 

This website is a foundation of everything I've been wanting to put out in the world for years in multifunctionality and my goal is provide an alternative engaging community where I can interact with others and devote a more free living to help elevate the higher consciousness. 

For a while I have lived a life that felt very forced and conformed and come to understand the subtle destructive habits that keep us from our fullest potential such as following our dreams. It was a blessing and a curse to be abruptly pulled from what I knew to be life and into the unknown with high risks for a chance to see what I am capable of creating of my own to impact the world. 

I am taking the lead with the encouragement of those who believed in me in the recent years and my will to act and make changes. This platform is here not only by my own will, but those who have strongly encouraged me and I am forever grateful.

This is a Faith Based Organization run solely by me where I can put my best skills to use to serve the world with my creations, art and sharing gnostic principles that kept me to seek and share truth to elevate the minds of men and women.